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Recently there has been much media coverage about the lack of knowledge about dementia care for nurses and care staff. This is both concerning and costly.

  • 97 % of nursing & care staff report that they always or sometimes care for someone with dementia.
  • 89% of staff find working with people with dementia, very or quite challenging.
  • Nursing & care staff state that they are frequently concerned about managing unpredictable & challenging behaviours and communicating effectively with people with dementia.
  • Carers also report that their relatives with dementia are not always treated with dignity & respect.

Helping nurses and care staff to provide effective dementia care must be addressed:

RCN's 'Dignity in Care Campaign' states that every member the workforce,

'should prioritise dignity in care, placing it at the heart of everything we do When dignity is absent from care, people feel devalued, lacking control and comfort. Providing dignity in care centres on three integral aspects: respect, compassion and sensitivity.'

Our new course addresses this and aims to enable nursing & care staff to promote dignity in practice. It provides them with an understanding of the medical and social model of dementia. It promotes the use of person centred care to meet the needs of people with dementia. It also provides practical information and tools to deal with day-to-day challenges such as aggression, wandering and 'confused' communication.

This course also places dementia care within the current healthcare policy context and  meets the compelling recommendations for change outlined in the National Dementia Strategy aimed at 'transforming the quality of dementia care'.

Please click here to see a course outline.