Jessica McKoen & Associates

Delivering a wide range of mental health training

How we work with you

At the planning stage, we work with you to ensure our training is designed around the needs of YOUR organisation and YOUR staff group.

We talk with you to discover what it is that you would like from us.

We help prioritise the learning needs of your staff based on their previous training and current levels of knowledge and practical experience.

By doing so, we ensure that the training package that we put together for you is unique and completely relevant to your needs

What we want participants to take away from training

We aim to provide engaging, enjoyable, stimulating training which inspires participants to take back new knowledge, skills, and insights into the workplace and incorporate this learning into their day-to-day practice.

Our training style

We are known for training which is relaxed, informal and participatory whilst also being rigorous and up to date.

We do not do just 'talk and chalk'. We have an unparalleled expertise in using a variety of training methods which suits all types of learning styles and levels of knowledge.

Techniques we employ include: peer group learning, role play, presentations and small group work. We particularly focus on experiential learning methods and DVD material which provide insight into the 'world' of the service user.

Robust systems of evaluation ensure we meet the aims and objectives of each training course that we offer.

Our special skills and experience

'Skills for Care' recommends that "people who use services are fully involved in the process of training design, delivery & evaluation".

We are passionate about ensuring that service users work along side us to facilitate training wherever possible.  Our feedback overwhelmingly confirms that participants find our service users' accounts of their journey through the mental health system  inspirational and life affirming.

Another of our keynote skills is providing training for very diverse staff groups.

We have designed courses for participants with sensory impairment and worked with interpreters and 'signers' to deliver training for the Certificate in Community Mental Health Care and Mental Health Awareness Courses.

Many of our participants come from other parts of the globe. Lively debate about differing cultural perspectives on mental health issues is a central component of our courses.

  Very professional and effective in integrating diversity  and equality issues. Invaluable in learning about the skills of using open and closed questions. 






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