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Welcome to the Mental Health Trainers website.

In Britain today, one person in four suffers from a mental health problem (MIND 2006). It is essential that social care and health workers have an understanding of the key issues in the field of mental health.

Mental Health Trainers was started in 1997 by Jessica McKoen who leads a team of specialist Associate Trainers and Service User Facilitators.

Fantastic & informative, sound knowledge and understanding.  Jessica is great on group involvement and discussion.
Course  Participant    Depression in Older People





NEWS!  We have are now delivering three new courses on topical issues and in response to demand.

Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Dignity and Dementia Care: 1 and 2 day courses for Nurses and Care Staff

Please visit "Our Courses" page to learn more.

We are a multi-skilled team with a breadth of hands-on experience, in-depth expertise in specialist areas of mental health and a flair for inspirational training.

Over the last fifteen years, we have built up a diverse client base, an excellent reputation and many returning customers.

This website tells you more about us, what we believe in and who, what and how we train.

I was one of the first accredited trainers for the new Mental Health First Aid programme now being widely and successfully rolled out across the UK. Please visit the "Mental Health First Aid" page to learn more about this course.

Our courses are engaging, stimulating and inspiring.  They aim to promote a positive, informed approach towards the needs of people with mental health issues and to enhance the working lives and skills of people who work with them.

Each course we run is individually tailored around the specific needs of the commissioning organisation.

They are designed to enable staff to return to the workplace with fresh knowledge, skills, techniques and attitudes. 

We work with the social care, housing and health sectors throughout the UK to  design and deliver high quality, innovative mental health training.


Our mission is to raise awareness and understanding of the needs of people with mental health issues.

Our passion is to deliver training that improves the lives of service users and the people that work alongside them.